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Confirm addresses, ensure accuracy, and bolster trust effortlessly

Streamline Your Compliance Processes & Elevate Trust In Your Customer Relationships

Swift Verification For Smooth Onboarding

Swift Verification For Smooth Onboarding

Speed up address verification, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience
Reliable Proof of Address Validation

Reliable Proof of Address Validation

Extract and validate data for reliable information
Global Solutions, Tailored For You

Global Solutions, Tailored For You

We cover every corner, serving diverse global businesses with tailored solutions
Reasonable Turnaround Time

Reasonable Turnaround Time

10-20 Business Days

Elevate KYC / KYP Controls With Comprehensive SITE VISIT Reports

Empower your KYC / KYP controls with Square Facts’ detailed SITE VISIT reports. Gain a strategic edge by delving into comprehensive insights, enhancing your understanding of customer locations, and achieving compliance excellence.

Confirmed Locations With Pinpoint Precision

Our local partners, independent of the subject company, capture digital photos during strategic non-restricted hours.

This guarantees a thorough representation of subject company locations, providing you with confirmed and reliable insights into their physical presence.

Benefit from Meticulous On-Site Verification

Ensure accuracy in every detail, from architectural nuances to signage, with our meticulous on-site verification process, all conducted during optimal daylight hours.

Revel in the confidence of confirmed locations with Square Facts’ precision-driven methodology.

Geographical Coverage: A Global Reach

Square Facts’ global research team operates in English and most local languages.

Tailor your coverage based on regions such as EuropeEastern EuropeAmericasMiddle East and North AfricaCentralSouthSoutheast, and Western Asia, or China, all while ensuring comprehensive linguistic support

Time-Efficient Turnaround for Agile Operations

Expect an indicative turnaround time between 10 and 20 business days. Square Facts prioritizes efficiency, providing you with timely insights to support your agile business operations.

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