Enhanced Compliance

In-depth due diligence screening and risk assessment tailored for medium to high-risk relationships.

Empower your business with our Enhanced Due Diligence solution

Boost compliance. Gain confidence.

Are you looking to strengthen your risk management and compliance efforts ?

We enable you to assess and manage medium to high-risk customers and partners effectively in various jurisdiction.

Go beyond standard KYC & AML Checks

Our solution empowers your organization to seamlessly onboard medium to high-risk third parties, ensuring compliance, reputation, and growth are preserved. It integrates enriched insights such as source of funds/wealth and UBO.

Guided by a risk-based approach, our methodology guarantees the meticulous evaluation and management of your relationships, adeptly tailored to each unique situation.

Introducing our Enhanced Report

Our streamlined report ensures compliance with KYC, AML, ABC, and CFT regulations, mitigating medium-high risks. 

It encompasses Simplified and Enhanced Due Diligence, with Reputation Enquiries via stakeholder interviews for a comprehensive assessment.

When is it recommended ?

Enhanced Due Diligence procedures are necessary in situations including, but not limited to.

New customers or applications for new products/services with higher risk factors
Identifying increased risk within existing business relationships
Dealing with customers classified as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) or close associates
Customers with connections to high-risk industries, such as arms trade or gambling
Suspecting money laundering or transactions with unclear reasoning
Customers providing false or stolen identification documents or information
Gaining Deeper Insights

The power of reputation enquiries interviews

Reputation Enquiries offer unique, valuable insights into subjects by conducting Compliance and Integrity interviews and Fit and Proper interviews with stakeholders in the subject’s environment. 

This approach goes beyond open-source information and adheres to strict confidentiality and transparency standards.

The key benefits of enhancing your compliance efforts

Fine-tune your risk-based approach
Establish a strong anti-financial crime culture
Create and maintain a smart audit trail
Leverage cutting-edge technology with our API and machine learning capabilities
Focus your efforts on medium- to high-risk entities with enhanced risk analysis
Integrate relevant steps to meet regulatory obligations related to AML, ABC, and CFT
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