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Our mission is to simplify compliance​

We support our clients in comprehending, measuring, and managing compliance risks and enable them to seamlessly navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment.

We deliver expertise our clients can trust

Square Facts, powered by iCOVER, is a leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions, specialising in third-party screening, monitoring, and due diligence services.

We offer peace of mind on critical decisions with third-party screening and risk management solutions worldwide

Who we are

Square Facts is powered by iCOVER, a subsidiary of ICE Group.
ICE Group is a French holding company privately held by James Osborn employing 300 people in ten offices.

Global presence, personalised services

Our offices worldwide to serve your global needs

Why partner with us

By partnering with iCover, you gain access to an unparalleled level of service and expertise that sets us apart from other services.

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