Investigative Compliance

Extensive compliance analysis combined with a personalized strategy for high to critical risk scenarios.
Gaining Deeper Insights

Enhance compliance. Foster confidence.

Discover our premier multi-dimensional due diligence solution. This solution offers cross-sector approach and guarantees thorough risk assessment. 

Our commitment remains unwavering, ensuring steadfast quality for our clients, no matter the country of operation.

Ready to strengthen your risk management and compliance?

Introducing Investigative Compliance

Our multi-dimensional due diligence approach seamlessly integrates an Investigative Due Diligence (IDD) Report with Reputation Enquiries, On-site Visits, and Business Environment & Network Studies.

Tailored to evaluate high to critical risks, this solution is suitable for various sectors.

Business Verification Services

Our verification services offer insights into businesses, providing accurate and reliable information to help you assess potential business partnerships.

We don’t just provide data. We invite you to join us on our journey to the truth.

Investigative Due Diligence Report

The IDD Report offers a comprehensive risk assessment, ensuring consistent quality across countries.

This in-depth analysis examines multiple subjects across various jurisdictions, combining desktop and on-site research in compliance with local legislation.

Typical situations demanding investigative due diligence include public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, venture capital and large investments.

A strategic investment in your future growth

Extend global coverage with unwavering quality assurance across locations
Refine risk strategy for precision-enhanced decision-making
Create a smart audit trail for transparent compliance maintenance
Pinpoint highest-risk entities with targeted onboarding precision
Align with international regulations by managing red flags effectively
Prioritize robust compliance, fostering an anti-financial crime culture
Gaining Deeper Insights

Valuable Insights through Interviews

Reputation enquiries provide deeper insights into subjects through interviews with stakeholders in the subject’s environment. 

We provide two types of interviews, adhering to strict confidentiality and transparency standards.

M&A Interviews

Benchmarking/Mergers and Acquisitions – Focused on the subject company’s business structure, model, strategy, operations, and performance, these interviews support pre-IPO, M&A, private equity needs, and investment research.

Project Risk Assessment Interviews​

The purpose of the Project Risk Assessment Interviews is to provide the client with an understanding of both the micro- and macro-economic context of a project and assess the associated potential risks – regulatory, political, economic, environmental, and social.

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