Senior Management Due Diligence Reports

Navigate risk with ease as we blend human expertise and cutting-edge tech to redefine due diligence

Transform Risk into Opportunity: Maximize Confidence with Square Facts SMDD Solutions

Smart and precise

Smart and precise

AI empowered with human oversight for accuracy

Effecient Risk Mitigation

Effecient Risk Mitigation

Identifies financial and compliance risks related to the subject

Global Risk Mastery

Global Risk Mastery

Global coverage in chosen languages. our compliance suite spans 150 jurisdictions

Expert Research Team

Expert Research Team

Highly trained analysts and vetted in-country partners

Secure & Transparent

Secure & Transparent

Private, Controlled Due Diligence

Holistic Scope for Unrivaled Insights

Dive deep into identification and verification, conflict of interest, integrity, and compliance checks with our comprehensive SMDD reports, providing you with unrivaled insights into your subjects.

Precision Beyond Expectations

Precision is our forte. Square Facts’ Managed Service guarantees accuracy by harnessing industry-leading data sets, ensuring your journey from entry-level Know Your Customer (KYC) screenings to comprehensive due diligence reports is marked by actionable, laser-focused smart data.

Square Facts offers two carefully designed SMDD reports for varied needs.

Standard Senior Management Due Diligence

Explore a comprehensive scope covering identification and verification checks, conflict of interest checks, integrity checks, and compliance checks. Dive into details like verifying education credentials, past employment affiliations, and potential discrepancies in provided information.

Enhanced Senior Management Due Diligence

Elevate your due diligence strategy with our Enhanced SMDD reports. Beyond the standard scope, benefit from bankruptcy and insolvency checks, adverse media screenings, professional media profile identification, and in-depth “fit and proper” interviews for an exhaustive assessment of your subject.

Geographical Coverage: A Global Reach

Square Facts’ global research team operates in English and most local languages.

Tailor your coverage based on regions such as EuropeEastern EuropeAmericasMiddle East and North AfricaCentralSouthSoutheast, and Western Asia, or China, all while ensuring comprehensive linguistic support.

Turnaround Time: Unveiling Insights Swiftly

Expect a turnaround time of 5 to 10 business days for an SMDD report on one subject depending on the subject’s public profile and the success of the verification attempts.

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