Square Facts’ Cutting-Edge Approach to Combating Fraud Featured in Village de la Justice Interview

In a recent exclusive interview with Village de la Justice, Square Facts, the Risk and Compliance division of iCOVER, unveiled its innovative strategies and advanced technologies in the fight against recruitment fraud. Antoine Andrieu, Director of Anti-fraud at Square Facts, discussed the rising challenges posed by document fraud in the hiring process and shed light on the company’s methodologies to combat this global issue.

Director of Anti-fraud at Square Fact

Understanding the Landscape:

Antoine begins by emphasizing that documentary fraud in recruitment stands as the fourth most common form of fraud worldwide, trailing only behind fraudulent bank account openings. The motives behind such fraud vary widely, from economic constraints forcing foreign workers to falsify documents to potential threats posed by individuals with malicious intentions seeking employment in sensitive sectors.

The Scale of the Issue:

Antoine sheds light on the prevalence of fraud, citing a global fraud rate of 3% for forged driver’s licenses alone. The problem extends beyond licenses to include diplomas, certificates, and criminal records. Fraudulent means range from websites generating fake ID images to physically fraudulent documents registered with authorities, often costing thousands of euros.

Innovative Countermeasures:

Antoine details the methodologies employed by Square Facts in combating fraud. For recruitment, the company collaborates with clients towards the end of the hiring process, obtaining written consent from candidates. Their approach involves analyzing documents alongside data verification, including checks against KYC databases and cross-referencing with publicly available data like electoral rolls.

Additionally, Square Facts is developing advanced verification methods, such as “face matching” via cameras or phones, akin to security measures employed by banks during account openings. For critical positions and shareholder profiles, the company conducts comprehensive compliance checks, including searches on sanction lists, affiliations with competitors, and adverse media analysis.

Village de la Justice Recognition:

Being featured in Village de la Justice, the premier platform for legal professionals with 1.5 million monthly readers, signifies Square Facts’ commitment to sharing expertise and contributing to the legal community. The interview sheds light on the company’s dedication to combating fraud, protecting businesses from reputational risks, and ensuring compliance with precision.


Square Facts’ recognition by Village de la Justice amplifies its position as an industry trailblazer, successfully blending expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to combating fraud in the realm of risk and compliance. As document fraud continues to be a global concern, Square Facts stands ready to safeguard businesses with its innovative solutions and industry-leading compliance services.

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