Square Facts at PrivSec Global 2023

Entering the second day of PrivSec Global on November 30, 2023, Square Facts maintains an active and influential presence in the crucial discussions surrounding privacy, security, and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). More than mere representation, our role is a strategic commitment to steering and shaping the ongoing narrative on data protection and compliance.

PrivSec Global: Confluence of Excellence

In an era where data protection regulations are tightening their grip and technology is the lifeblood of operations, PrivSec Global emerges as a beacon for professionals navigating the intersections of privacy, security, and risk management. The conference isn’t just a gathering—it’s a crucible of knowledge, where professionals converge to learn, debate, and stay ahead of the curve in these critical domains.

With a lineup of over 80 speakers across 24 sessions, the conference promises a deep dive into the pressing and intricate challenges of the data protection, privacy, and security sectors.

Square Facts Unveils Insights: Beyond Presence to Contribution

For Square Facts, participation at PrivSec Global isn’t a passive act; it’s about actively engaging in discussions that reveal the interconnected skills crucial to privacy, security, and GRC.

As we navigate the second day of PrivSec Global, we anticipate more enriching dialogues, profound insights, and valuable connections. Stay tuned for live updates as Diane Shepherd, representing Square Facts, shares our expertise, adding our unique perspective to the ongoing narrative of data protection and compliance excellence.

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