Reputation Enquiries

Discover our suite of services, where screening, monitoring, and diligence redefine excellence.

Unlock Benefits With Square Facts' Reputation Enquiries

Deeper Insight

Deeper Insight

Gain comprehensive understanding for confident decisions
Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Custom reports for precise insights

Worldwide Risk Expertise

Worldwide Risk Expertise

Global coverage in chosen languages. our compliance suite spans 150 jurisdictions

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Assistance beyond report delivery

Secure & Transparent

Secure & Transparent

Private, controlled enquiries

Unearth Profound Insights With Reputation Enquiries

Embark on a journey of unparalleled insight with our exclusive “Reputation Enquiries.”

Beyond public realms, gain a 360-degree view of professional reputation, integrity, and potential red flags, enabling you to navigate business relationships with utmost confidence.

Tailored Solutions For Every Strategic Endeavor

Elevate your decision-making prowess with our meticulously crafted RE reports – Compliance and integrity, Mergers and acquisitions, Risk assessment, and Fit and proper.

Each report is a bespoke solution addressing specific business concerns, ensuring strategic success tailored to your unique needs.

Crafting Deeper Insights For Strategic Decision-Making

In the world of Reputation Enquiries, we transcend the ordinary, providing insights that extend beyond public information.

Our reports cover everything from professional reputations to technological capabilities, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Square Facts Offers Four Types of RE reports,Each Meticulously Designed

Compliance and Integrity RE

For individuals or companies establishing business relationships or screening existing partners. Focuses on professional reputations and background, including identification of major red flags.

Mergers and Acquisitions RE

For companies deciding on potential investments. Focuses on background, business structure, model, strategy, stakeholders, operations, and performance.

Risk Assessment RE

For business projects, such as tenders, offering a deep understanding of potential risks. Focuses on project perceptions, jurisdiction’s legal framework, sponsors’ financial situation, and integrity risks associated with decision-makers.

Fit and Proper RE

For individuals, determining their fit for the client’s business. Focuses on professional track record, business success and failure stories, technical and soft skills, conducted with the subject’s consent.

Methodological Precision for Confident Choices

Rely on our RE methodology that involves deep-dive interviews with knowledgeable sources.

This meticulous examination of professional conduct ensures confidentiality and presents results with methodological precision through executive summaries and interview summaries, empowering you to make confident choice

Geographical Coverage: A Global Reach

Square Facts’ global research team operates in English and most local languages.

Tailor your coverage based on regions such as EuropeEastern EuropeAmericasMiddle East and North AfricaCentralSouthSoutheast, and Western Asia, or China, all while ensuring comprehensive linguistic support.

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