Entry-Level Third-Party Screening

Unleash risk mastery with Square Facts’ Entry-Level Screening—tailored, swift, and seamless for confident decision-making

Strategic Insights, Swift Results: The Power of Entry-Level Screening

Smart and precise

Smart and precise

AI empowered with human oversight for accuracy

Global Risk Mastery

Global Risk Mastery

Global coverage in chosen languages.

Rapid Precision

Rapid Precision

Rapid, accurate reports within two days.

KYC/AML-Centered Approach

KYC/AML-Centered Approach

Focus on third-party compliance with our solution.

Engage with Confidence

Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management

Conducting third-party due diligence is paramount for effective risk management.

Our entry level third-party screening report aligns with global enforcement agencies and regulators’ principles, ensuring your organization  or your customers stay compliant and maintain a strong reputation.

Get your customized entry-level third-party screening report

Our structured report ensures compliance with AML, ABC, and CFT regulatory needs for low to medium risks partnerships.

This first-level report helps clients mitigate both the compliance risks and complexities that businesses face beyond the initial third-party screening.

SQF Risk & Compliance Reports

Empower Your Decisions withComprehensive Organizational Insights

Enhance your compliance through comprehensive dataset checks for detailed insights on organizations and individuals.

PEP Compliance Check

Identify Politically Exposed Persons and their associates for informed onboarding decisions. Ongoing monitoring ensures ongoing compliance at local, national, and global levels.

Adverse Media Check

Assess 20+ risk categories, including compliance, reputation, operational, jurisdiction, and ESG risks. Our search covers media databases and web 2.0 content from over 100,000sources.

International and National Sanctions Lists / Watchlists Check

Screen OFAC, EU, UK Treasury sanctions lists, and UN, EU, US, and UK designated person lists. Watchlists identify mentions in global warnings, financial authorities’ lists, and regulatory announcements.

Identification Check

Validate identification documents for individuals and incorporation documents for organizations as part of a ordinary KYC check.

Stay ahead with proactive monitoring

Embrace a proactive approach to risk detection with our continuous monitoring solutions. Reflecting the Entry-Level report’s format and scope, choose from options like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly checks for third-party monitoring.

Stay ahead of evolving risks, ensuring your organization is well-prepared to address emerging challenges.

Global Coverage, Multilingual Expertise

Square Facts’ global research team operates in English and most local languages.

Tailor your coverage based on regions such as Europe, Eastern Europe, Americas, Middle East and North Africa, Central, South, Southeast, and Western Asia, or China, all while ensuring comprehensive linguistic support.

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